An outdoor pool can be such a busy, vibrant place in the summer, full of swimmers of every type and purpose. inevitably the weather turns and with it the outdoor pool season draws to a close. Formerly happy, bustling places became forlorn and abandoned.

So, what options are available for pool owners ?

It may be time to consider an enclosure to extend the swim season year round
Deciding on a pool enclosure is a big decision as well as a large investment. there are many types and styles, and it is not always easy to decide which enclosure to choose. When selecting an enclosures the objective is to strike a balance with a system that addresses energy efficiency, creates an appealing user environment and minimizes condensation.
The retractable roof pool enclosures and skylights allow you to offer customers extended enjoyment of your facilities by creating a year round aquatic environment. At the touch of a button, motorized roof panels retract to open up to 50% of the roof area, letting in natural light and fresh air. Unique, maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing systems provide an effective moisture barrier that can withstand the harsh environment of indoor pools. Enclosures and skylights can span large distances up to 100 feet plus and maintain a deflection of L/180.
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